Wireless Network Installation

Our techs are proficient in wireless and wired network planning, installation, support and repair. Using the correct technology, we are able to deliver the best network speeds to one or many computers, smartphones and tablets in a home or business.

Wireless Network Installation

Many customers have called us due to a bad wireless installation. They have reported that half of their home either receives low or no signal wireless signal. We specialize in performing a wireless site survey which provides an overview of where your problem areas lie. Using the correct technology, we are able to boost your whole house signal to above 85%. Just give us a call and we will be happy to perform a free network evaluation.

Wired Network Installation

For some customers, a wireless signal just does not provide enough bandwidth. We have run into this when customers want to share files between computers or might have an awesome theater room setup that needs dedicated bandwidth to deliver superior performance.

Wireless networking is a very convenient technology, however, wireless can only deliver a fraction of the bandwidth that a properly installed wired network can provide. Our technicians are skilled in installing a Cat5E or Cat6 wired network in your home, home office or business. Just give us a call and we will be happy to provide a free network evaluation.

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